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Pest Control Tips & Tricks

Want to learn more about how to identify and prevent local pests? Take a look at some of our informative blog posts to become educated on pest control in Central Massachusetts.

Our Pest Control Blog

baby raccoon in grass

Seasonal Raccoon Control

Fall is really here and winter is close on its heels. It won’t be long before we’re shoveling our way out of the drive and bundling up for even a quick trip from the front door to the mailbox. The cold weather is coming and with it a whole host of seasonal pest problems.Read more

Trim Your Trees Easier With a 50' Lift

Love your trees? Love the shade they create in your yard? Love they look they give your home? If you want gorgeous trees in your yard, a little care and maintenance can go a long way toward keeping them beautiful, and often that means some routine trimming.Read more

Voles or Moles? What's Tearing Up My Yard?

Voles or Moles? Missing a bulb or two? Finding gnawed bark almost everywhere? Prize flowers being nibbled to nothing? Spotting strange pathways in your yard? You could be dealing with a vole infestation. Sadly, you could also be dealing with a mole infestation. What’s the difference between these two yard wrecking creatures?Read more


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