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Do Ladybugs Bite and Will an Infestation Harm Your Home?


You might not think ladybugs are the worst pests, until you have them. A ladybug infestation can quickly become a serious pain. Clean windowsills? They’ll get covered in dead ladybugs. Roll up your blinds for the morning? Ladybugs come falling out. Set your drink down for a moment? Look before you drink again; it’s probably been infused with a ladybug. And make sure to brush the ladybugs out of your hair on waking up. Do ladybugs bite? Read on to find out.

The Purpose of Ladybugs

Now, ladybugs are good to have outside. They help gardens by eating pests like aphids and mites that will try to eat your best flowers. They’re generally beneficial, but when fall comes, they will head indoors in droves. They can cover walls and get inside your lighting. Once inside, they will get into everything.

Do Ladybugs Bite?

We hear this question a lot: “Do ladybugs bite?” The truth is, ladybugs are pretty harmless. They won’t bite, sting, or carry disease. They’re not a harmful pest. They can just become a pest out of nuisance when fall and winter hit, by congregating in every vacant space in your home.

Ladybugs in the House

When you have ladybugs in the house, you don’t have to panic about their causing harm to you or your loved ones. It is good to get rid of them, however. As we detailed above, they’re not the kind of pest that will create health or safety problems, but they will get into everything and can make certain areas of your home unlivable.

Since they live in trees, ladybugs are especially large in number near wooded areas. Homes and buildings simply offer them better options for warmth during the colder months. An interesting note, ladybugs will actually be more attracted to lighter-colored, sunlit homes. Homes in the shade and painted in darker colors are less likely to see an infestation, though it can still happen.

Ladybugs can be controlled with minimum hassle by a pest control specialist like Ransford Pest Control. Moreover, entry points can be sought out and eliminated, making repeat infestations less likely in the future. We can help keep ladybugs out of your hair.

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