Top 3 Places Spiders Love To Hide In Your Home

Keeping spiders at bay is easily one of the top goals of many homeowners. After all, the last thing you want to do is peek here or there and find a spider hiding out or an egg sac attached to your belongings. Eliminating spiders in your home, though, can take a bit of work. The best way to stop them is to know where they love to hide. This quick guide can help.

  1. spider web controlUnder Furniture: Some spiders have daytime hiding places and nighttime hiding spots, and while they won’t spend a long time hiding under your furniture, it’s certainly possible for this to be one of the hideouts. They’re looking for places you won’t be, and how many people actually hang out under their sofas? Run the vacuum under the furniture occasionally, and you’ll be in a better position to keep spiders out.
  2. Under the Sink: Spiders need a few different things to survive, but one of them is water. It can’t survive without it, and while some spiders need water more than others, all of them need it on some level, making the spot under your sinks the perfect place for them to hide. Keep it as clean as possible, though, and fix any leaks immediately, and you can cross this off your spider hideout list.
  3. In the Clutter: Whether you’re talking about the basement, the garage, or the attic, if you have a ton of clutter, the chances are good that you have at least one spider hiding out there. Spiders want a quiet, undisturbed area, and often clutter provides that for them. Clear the clutter, and you make the area far less friendly to spiders.

Spiders are very good at hiding out, so make your job eliminating all of the possible hiding spots, and you’ll keep the spiders out of your home.

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Damiya December 12, 2016

I’m scared I sparyed a spider and he moved and I don’t know where it went

Bob June 28, 2017

Eh life is hard when dealing with spiders , I’ve been looking for 2 hours because I saw one earlier.

Peace out

Dave July 2, 2018

Thanks. Very helpful

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