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Carpenter Ant Removal Before They Cause Damage to Your Home

perm_identity Eric Richmond           event May 9, 2018

How much damage can carpenter ants do to a home? After all, they’re just ants, right? You might be very surprised at the extent of damage they can cause. Worse

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Understanding Carpenter Ant Prevention and Treatments

perm_identity Eric Richmond           event June 13, 2017

A carpenter ant infestation can get out of control quickly. Carpenter ants cut galleries into wood and they’ll leave wood debris where they’ve been, but they won’t actually eat the

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Signs of a Carpenter Ant Infestation

perm_identity Eric Richmond           event July 25, 2016

Carpenter ants are communal insects that usually live in large colonies. They are normally black or red but can also sometimes be a combination of the two colors. Each colony

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Controlling Carpenter Ants

perm_identity Eric Richmond           event September 9, 2015

Carpenter ants grow to be one of the biggest ants in the country. True to their title, they live in decaying wood, carving nests into the grain like skilled craftsmen.

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Have Carpenter Ants Moved In?

perm_identity Eric Richmond           event June 18, 2013

Carpenter ants are like termites in that they can do a lot of damage to the wood of your home. This damage can eventually lead to issues with structural integrity

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