Spiders are not insects, but they can give a painful bite and their numbers sometimes need to be controlled. Usually a homeowner is aware of a spider because of the presence of a web. Spider webs can make a home appear less clean and can become a nuisance. The presence of a large number of spiders usually means that there are insects present. Spiders are predators and need to consume insects to survive. Spiders will usually create webs near light sources knowing that flying insects will be drawn toward the lights. The best way to control a spider population is to look at your whole home or business as an environment. Control the factors that are allowing the spider population to flourish…control the other bugs. Ransford can provide a plan to make this control possible. We can provide treatment of various cracks and crevices, supply glue boards for monitoring and inspect your environment frequently for any changes that might allow spiders (or any other pest) to thrive.

The Ransford Difference

All Ransford Technicians carry telescoping poles with Dusters to help remove the Spider webs from your property. By using the Right product in the proper locations and removing any Webs and Eggs Spider populations can be drastically reduced. Environmental Controls like turning the exterior lights off will also help reduce their food source. In heavy Spider areas treatment may be required every 60 days in the warmer months.

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