Bees & Wasps

Bees and wasps have reached their peak size by late summer or early fall. After increasing the sizes of their nests all summer, their populations are at a maximum. In Central Massachusetts, the most common wasp is the Yellow Jacket. They can build a football shaped nest hanging high from a tree branch or under the soffit of your house. They also may nest in the ground, wall voids, tree stumps, attics and other places. Paper Wasps are large dark wasps with long legs. They build open nests that are found high up in the soffit or dormer area of structures. They will nest under grill covers and in garden sheds. Their population can grow very large because the queen can live through the winter and her nest will be built in the same house next year. Bald Faced Hornets are large and black with white markings. They tend to have very large nests with a single queen and female sterile workers. They produce new queens and males late in the season. The queens will find a safe place for the winter and a new nest starts the following spring. Mud Daubers build the nests you see that are mud stuck on the side of a structure, under the eaves or in an attic. They are shiny black and blue. The nature of their nest means that it must be kept dry, so they usually construct it in an out of the way place that can be difficult to access. The most common homeowner mistake is treating a hole into a building with a spray material; this drives the Bees into the structure making treatment very difficult.

The Ransford Difference

Controlling Yellow Jackets and Wasps can be a dangerous undertaking for a homeowner or property manager. Significant heights, allergic reactions and painful stings are a real possibility. It’s important to call Ransford Environmental Solutions for professional, environmentally responsible treatment for your Yellow Jacket and Wasp problems. We will make Emergency dispatches to treat active nests. Please give us a call.

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Need Help with Bees, Wasps and Yellow Jacket Pest Control?

Call us at  508-756-5197  or Fill out this form and a qualified expert will get back to you ASAP to discuss your needs.

You can also  Email Us Directly  if you prefer.

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Bees & Wasps
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Bees & Wasps

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