Pavement Ants

Pavement ants are small (1/8 Inch) reddish brown to black. While the name implies that they nest under pavement they can be found nesting in mulch beds, under floors, in walls, and under stones. Pavement ants can enter a structure thru a very small crack or opening. Winged reproductives can swarm at any time but typically swarm in June or July. Pavement ants inside are generally foraging for food high in fat or greasy substances. While one Queen starts a colony eventually there can be multiple Queens making it very hard to get control. Contact kill sprays can cause the colony to divide by repelling ants from the treated area.

The Ransford Difference

Ransford technicians are trained to look for areas the ants will be attracted to. If sanitation is an issue (we may need to sweep up crumbs) the technician will point it out to the customer. We use a very effective bait product that the ants transfer back to the whole colony. The technician may also want to treat the exterior if ants are coming in from the outside. Ransford stands behind their pavement ant treatment in the treated area for 60 days. If ants return to the treated area after 2 weeks we will retreat the area for free.

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