Now Offering: Bed Bug Heat Treatment

bed-bug-heat-treatment-coupon-$100-offThe most effective way to exterminate bed bugs! Bed bugs are becoming more and more resistant to insecticides, meaning it will
require multiple treatments using different chemicals to successfully eradicate the infestation. However, bed bugs simply cannot
survive extreme HEAT. Less chemicals and quicker eradication make for a more effective bed bug treatment.

How Heat Treatment Works

  • Heaters are used to raise the temperature in the area.
  • Fans are then introduced to spread the heat throughout the rooms.
  • Specialized temperature monitoring equipment is used to ensure the temperature stays high enough to successfully eradicate the problem.
  • Since the bed bugs cannot survive these extreme temperatures, no follow up visits are necessary!

If you have a bedbug problem and want it quickly and completely
resolved, give Ransford a call!


Heat is also extremely effective on German Roaches and other Pests!

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