German Cockroach

German cockroaches are the most common roaches found in Restaurants, Apartments, Homes, and Hotels in the United States. Adults are between ½-5/8” long and coloring is tan to light brown with 2 dark brown stripes on the head. Roaches can be found anywhere in a structure but prefer warm above 70 degrees and humid spots. Roaches travel well in boxes, grocery bags, coats, purses and especially well in used furniture and appliances. They will travel along pipelines between apartments or floors. Do it yourself Roach spray products and bug bombs while great for contact killing, repel roaches from the area. We typically find Roaches in places they would not usually inhabit like bedrooms or neighboring apartments after these products were used.

The Ransford Difference

Ransford Technicians are trained to look for signs of roach activity (droppings, cast skins) we will inspect for live roaches in areas that they frequent (cabinets, fridges, drawers). Once activity is found Ransford uses one of the Best baits on the market to treat the infested area. This bait is so advanced it only requires contact with the bait to kill roaches. It will kill roaches that feed on it and roaches that feed on dead roaches (secondary kill) and roaches that feed on roach droppings as well as attached egg capsules. By using bait Ransford can treat your living space or restaurant without having you remove everything from your cabinets.
Ransford stands behind our roach treatment for 90 days, if after 30 days you are still seeing LIVE roaches we will retreat for free. Single units no warrantee since whole building needs to be treated for effective German roach control.

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