Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants are social insects and that form colonies that range in size from a few dozen to millions. Carpenter ants found inside during late Winter/early Spring indicate a nest inside the structure. It is important to remember a few ants carried in on fire wood will not survive on their own. Ants are always on the lookout for the same basic necessities that humans need (Food, Shelter, Water) making your home their home to.
Carpenter Ants DO NOT EAT the wood they are excavating tunnels in the wood for living area. You can sometimes find sawdust the ants discard thru “Windows” they make to dispose of waste. Carpenter Ants will also nest in other soft materials like foam boards or even live in hollow doors. With large infestations Carpenter Ants can be heard inside walls expanding the nest.
Carpenter ant control begins with a search for the colony or nest. Don’t spray an over the counter pesticide because this will simply spread the colony over a larger area and make it more difficult to treat. Remember spraying has no effect on the queen. If a large number of worker ants begin to die the queen will increase egg production to replace the lost worker ants. Many chemical sprays act as a repellant to the ants and the ants will go to great lengths to avoid it. This can result in a colony splitting into several new nests and “satelliting” over a much larger harder to control area.

The Ransford Difference

Ransford technicians are trained to inspect your entire building for Carpenter Ants. We will look for nest signs inside and for ants entering the structure from the exterior. The technician will then discuss treatment options with the Owner. If a nest is found in a window the molding may need to be removed and non-repellent dust will be inserted into the wall void. All materials Ransford uses are designed to eliminate the WHOLE Colony . After treatment the number of ants will start to decline with reductions in 2 weeks and no more ants after 4 weeks. While we realize that 2 weeks is a long time we need the material to make its way thru the colony before ants start dying off. All our products are non-repellant so the ants will not notice it and bring it back to the nest. While “Contact Kill” sprays kill instantly they are repellant to ants and the other ants will stay away from the area not giving long term control.
Ransford stands behind their treatment untill the end of the year December 31st . If you are still seeing Carpenter Ants in the treated area after 30 days Ransford will retreat the area for free.

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