Boxelder Bug Removal

Boxelder bugs will invade many homes and businesses this Fall. Hundreds may appear on the side of your house or building. They sneak into entryways and voids around windows and chimneys intending to spend the Winter in a warm place. They remain active during the winter and your heating system may falsely trick them into believing Spring has arrived. Boxelder bugs are approximately ½ long dark brown to black with red/orange wing veins. They are generally found near Boxelder trees but they also like Ash and Maple.

In Massachusetts they are known to be a nuisance pest, when found in large numbers. Boxelder bugs can release a pungent odor if disturbed but are not Stink bugs. When your home warms up in the Spring-time, they will become active and try to leave your home, covering the insides of windows, skylights and doors. If you are having Boxelder bugs trying to over-wintering in your home, please give us a call.

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