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Wood Destroying Insects Inspection in Massachusetts


When buying a home, most people seek out home mortgage options at some point in their lives. We work, we invest in a home, and we expect that home to retain and, hopefully, gain value. Yet certain home mortgage options such as a VA loan require a WDI report.

What is a WDI Inspection?

A Wood Destroying Insects inspection, or WDI, simply requires that a home inspection for pests be performed. This type of home inspection won’t be limited to just termites. We also look for other wood destroying insects like carpenter bees, carpenter ants, and powder post beetles.

This is performed because these types of wood destroying insects can go unseen for months or even years, while they are causing structural damage to your home. These pests cause about $2 billion in damage every year.

How Do Termites Gain Access?

Termites are clever as a colony and will build their nests where you can’t see them. To gain access to the wood in your home, they’ll use the openings that you rarely, if ever, see. They use pipes and construction access ways, and tend to build up from under the very foundation of a home. This means you may not know they’re there until important structural components of your home are at risk.

Termites don’t have to forage for food because they eat the wood of your home, so they can stay hidden for a long time. Other types of pest infestations may tip you off, such as when you see something scuttle across the floors or walls, but not termites!

Protecting New England Homes

WDI inspections in Massachusetts are highly advised when buying a new home. In fact, many lenders will require one before signing off on a mortgage.

The whole state of Massachusetts is in a moderate-to-heavy termite infestation zone, which is why WDI inspections in Massachusetts are often required. In fact, most of New England requires it.

WDI inspections help protect both the lender and you. You do not want to purchase a new home if an infestation’s going to make it non-structurally sound in a few years. If you are looking to purchase a home soon, make sure you ask about WDI requirements.

Ransford has served as a pest control specialist around Worcester since 1896. We’re happy to do your WDI inspection and answer any questions you may have about the process.

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