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Trim Your Trees Easier With a 50' Lift


Love your trees? Love the shade they create in your yard? Love they look they give your home? If you want gorgeous trees in your yard, a little care and maintenance can go a long way toward keeping them beautiful, and often that means some routine trimming.

Why Trim?

There are actually a number of reasons you may want to trim your trees. One of the most important reasons is for the health of the tree. Removing those dead or damaged branches means preventing insects and decay within the tree, which can help to keep it health in the years to come. Add that to the fact that a dense canopy blocks air and sunlight that help your tree grow stronger, and it’s easy to see how you can build a far healthier tree with a bit of trimming.

The state of the tree, though, isn’t the only reason to consider trimming at some point. Instead, you’ll also want to prevent safety hazards. Those low growing branches may prove subject to storm damage at some point, and that could harm your home, car, or a neighbor’s home.

When to Trim

Wondering about the best time to trim those trees? If you’re talking about dead or damaged limbs or branches, the single best time to get rid of them is right now. Other trimming should wait until the early spring, before the tree begins to bud out. If possible, you may want to avoid pruning during the hottest, driest period the year, as it could harm the tree.

How to Trim

Not sure how to even begin the task of tree trimming? Start by gathering your equipment. While most trimming can be done with hand pruners, those larger limbs will require the help of a pruning saw. Of course, you’ll also need the help of a ladder or a lift so you can reach the branches a bit easier. Want to make the task simple? Consider renting one of our 50’ lifts to make the process safe and stress-free. Completely towable, it can be used for any residential application.

As you cut, keep in mind that the very act of pruning itself does hurt the tree. While it may prove helpful in the long run, understanding how to cut is important. Do some reading about the type of tree you have to learn more about how to make the precise cuts necessary to help the tree heal after a cut occurs.

To learn more about how to rent our 50’ lift for your next tree trimming session, contact us today so your trees will look amazing well into the next season. Call Ransford Environmental at 508-626-2847 or visit us online today.

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