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Skunks Get a Bad Rap but Skunk Control is Necessary to Protect Property


Skunks get a pretty bad rap, but that doesn’t mean that we want them around stinking up the place. Skunks do some pretty good things for us. They eat rats and mice, as well as regulating insect populations but skunk control is also necessary.

Unfortunately, skunks can also dig up gardens, damage property, and eat poultry. If you’ve ever had to wash skunk spray off a dog and smell it every time they breathe for the next month, then you know the worst quality about skunks – they stink.

Skunks also carry some health issues. Striped skunks are responsible for a higher rate of rabies cases in the U.S. than any other animal but the raccoon.

Making it worse is where skunks like to bed down. They prefer to dig underneath homes and garages in order to take up residence.  This means that, if you don’t adopt some form of skunk prevention plan quickly, your home may develop a lasting unpleasant odor to it. Skunks are particularly active in the spring and summer.

Skunk Control

You’ll probably first notice skunks’ presence via smell. You might also find that outdoor garbage cans have been rummaged through, or bags have been torn.

The easiest form of skunk control is by making your property a skunk deterrent. This means simply filling up holes and denying easy forms of access. Removing brush that skunks can hide in also helps.

If you need help with skunk removal or skunk control, please contact Ransford Environmental Solutions today.

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