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How To Get Rid of Flies In Your Business


Unfortunately, they’re also among the most prolific. Everywhere a fly lands, it leaves dangerous germs behind, and that can completely contaminate your space. The problem is that if they’re landing in your business, they could be hurting your bottom line. The last thing most customers want to see when they walk into your space is a fly problem, and the right commercial fly control program can help. Where do we focus our efforts when it comes to how to get rid of flies?

  • Your Trash: Often commercial pest control in Worcester has to start with better trash management. Every garbage can in your space needs a plastic liner, and while there are a variety of types of cans, we’ve found the best are those with lids that close. It’s not simply a case of adding the liner, add the trash, and forget about it. Garbage cans have to be inspected routinely to make certain trash and liquid isn’t accumulating in the can itself to help keep flies at bay. Dumpsters aren’t safe in this equation either. They are often the single biggest source of fly problems, especially in restaurant environments. Dumpsters have to be at least 100 feet away from your space, and they should be placed on a concrete pad. The dumpster lid should always be closed, and a regular washing program should already be in place.
  • The Drain: Drains can also be a real issue when it comes to fly control. It’s not just a drain in a kitchen, either. You could also have spaces like coolers with drip pans or poorly cleaned soda fountains that may cause problems. Power-washing doesn’t always help, as it can force food matter into spaces where it shouldn’t be, leaving behind a breeding ground for flies.
  • The Air: It’s long been known that cool air movement can actually control flies in any space, particularly in warehouses. If you’re looking to control flies, consider an air door or strategically placed fans to help keep these pesky creatures at bay while your customers are around.

If you want to learn more about how to get rid of flies in your business environment, contact us today. We have the services that can keep your space fly free.

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