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Get a Lift for Your Gutter Clean Out Day


Your gutters don’t look that far off the ground when you look at them. They seem to be a normal height, perfectly reasonable and average. However, once you’re scaling a ladder to clean them they seem to be 10 times higher!

 You know your gutters need to be cleaned out each year. You dread the job but it needs to be done. Clogged gutters and downspouts don’t direct the water away from your house and foundation as they are designed to do. That means you could end up with wet spots and water damage if you let the gutters go for too long. The wet debris in the typical gutter will also attract insects and other pests who think it’s a great food source or nesting spot. Unfortunately, this job usually requires an extension ladder and a good bit of climbing.

A wobbling ladder and an unsure climber can spell disaster. Climbing with your hands full of tools isn’t wise. If your ladder isn’t well seated on the ground, you could take a nasty fall. Serious injuries can occur from a drop of even just a few feet. Emergency rooms are full of household accidents and ladders are often at the root of the problem.

Sometimes, you just need to find a better alternative. There’s always another way of doing a dirty job and gutter cleaning is no exception. Be smart; rent a lift. Renting a lift is one way to get those gutters clean and free of debris without risking your neck on an extension ladder.

A lift is a fairly straightforward piece of machinery that literally lifts you up in the air to roof-height in a ways that’s safer and steadier than that old ladder. Most lifts have a stable platform with OSHA-approved guard rails attached to an arm that can be raised or lowered from a heavy base. There are huge professional versions and more moderately-sized, towable options that homeowners can rent. Some rental companies will offer a licensed operator in addition to the machinery. It will be so much easier, not to mention safer, to clean your gutters using a lift!

This is a helpful and safer alternative to a ladder for many household tasks, not just gutter cleaning day. Think of the time and effort you could save each holiday season using a lift to help you string your lights and hang your wreaths! Painting the trim will be far easier on the level platform of a lift. There’s sure to be a long list of jobs where a lift can be put to use at your house.

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