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Controlling Earwigs in Your Home


They normally will feed on decomposing plants and wet leaves and love to live in places such as under rocks, logs and mulch that you place in your garden. Wondering how they got that strange name? Generations ago, there was a myth that they would crawl into a person’s ear and lay their eggs in a person’s brain. While we know that’s no longer true, what is true, is that they’re a serious nuisance inside or outside your house.

Earwigs are a nocturnal insect. They’re attracted to lights, which can lead them onto your porch or patio. Once there, they can and often do enter your home and end up in your kitchen, dining room and other rooms where food is present. They are attracted by the smell and aroma of food. They can enter your home through the cracks, and crevices in your walls, through damaged screens, under doors and even through the openings in your floorboards. Once in your home, earwigs will eat your houseplants or any greasy or sweet food that they might find in your home. The best way to get rid of them once they’re inside is to contact a professional like Ransford Pest Control. They’re notoriously difficult to eliminate, and a professional is the best way to get rid of them for good.

Keeping Them Out

One way to keep them out of your home though is by making sure they never enter your home in the first place. You can do this by keeping the foundation of your home dry, switching to low beam outside lights so you don’t attract them, and blocking their entry into your home. Make sure all you do not have tears or holes in your screens and have weather stripping your door entryways. Also be sure to seal all holes and cracks in your walls, foundations and floorboards and by caulking and sealing any cracks in your windows, pipes and doors.

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