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Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs have made a recent comeback in the United States. While they are mainly active at night you may occasionally see them during the day. During the daytime they hide close to where people sleep generally in the mattress, box spring , headboard and night stand. They will often be found in the mattress seam and the plastic box spring corner guards. They are sometimes found in picture frames, under carpets and in drop ceilings. Generally they stay close to the bed or couch unless dispersed with sprays or Bug Bombs. They don’t have nests, but will spread out near their feeding area. Eventually they spread to adjacent rooms or apartments. They can spread quickly throughout a building by crawling and hitching a ride on people.
We are experts in controlling infestations of bed bugs.

The Ransford Difference.

The first step is for a proper inspection of all rooms in the house or apartment. Ransford will provide an estimate in our service areas. If Bed Bugs are found our technician will quote the cost and leave a prep sheet.

On treatment day you will need to leave for approximately 4 hrs. Our team will come in and thoroughly apply material to all areas in the rooms. This includes removing outlet switch plates and installing dust into the wall voids. We will treat and cover any box springs and mattresses with cloth Bedbug covers. We schedule a follow up visit in 30 days and stand behind our work for a full 90 days (if you find live bedbugs after second treatment we will retreat for free).

Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs

Thinking of heat treatment for bed bugs? The reason some people consider heat treatment is for chemical free bed bug control. At Ransford, we believe that the most complete bed bug treatment involves a combination of heat and chemicals. Since bed bugs are very good at finding cool spots, using chemicals before and after the heat treatment is the best way to control them. By using this “heat plus chemicals” approach, we are able to use less chemicals and deliver a more complete solution to your bed bug problems. Click here to learn more about Ransford’s bed bug heat treatment service.

Steam Spot Treatment:

We all agree that there are certain places were a chemical treatment should be used as a last resort. Places like cribs, infant carriers, strollers, car seats and wheelchairs to name just a few.
By using high temp, low moisture steam we can kill Bed bugs instantly, and sanitize their fecal matter at the same time. Since there is no residual chemical, cribs would need Bed bug interceptors placed under the legs to keep them pest free. Please give us a call and ask us how Steam Spot Treatments alongside a conventional treatment can help control your Bed bug problem.

Chemical Resistant Bed Bugs:

By now we all know that there are different strands of Bed bugs just in the USA. Each strand can have a different response to a particular product (resistant). By using multiple products during the 2 separate treatments, Ransford Environmental Solutions Inc. can help combat Bed bug resistance.

The Most Important Step In Bed Bug Control:

The most important step is to catch Bed bugs EARLY!!!!! Do not ignore them!
Early treatment will keep a few, from becoming an INFESTATION. If you think you have bed bugs, contact us. Send us a picture or bring a sample to our office. We offer pest identification free of charge.

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