Understanding Rats and Why Rat Removal is Essential

There’s one pest that terrifies most people more than any other – rats. Maybe it’s the media portrayal or maybe it’s the fact that these creatures can be downright dangerous to your health and your home, but few things are scarier than seeing a rat scurry across your floor. Fortunately, understanding more about these problem pests and implementing rat removal methods can help you prevent any serious issues.

What are Norway Rats?

At Ransford Pest Control, the most common rat problem we see is one involving Norway rats. That’s because of the 60 different rat species in the world today, in Massachusetts, the Norway rat is one of just two species you’ll see. The other is the roof rat. What do Norway rats look like and how will you know if you’ve found one? They have brown fur and a much lighter underside. They typically weigh about a pound, and they’re usually about 15 inches in length. They have tiny ears and a long tail.

Are They Dangerous?

Norway rats can absolutely be dangerous, both to you and your home. They have the ability to spread disease and illnesses, and they can even create additional problems like flea infestations in your home. They’re dangerous to your property as well because they’re far bigger than rodents like mice. Their sharp teeth lead to endless chewing, and they can work their way through plastic pipes electrical wiring, insulation, and even the sheetrock on your walls. They’ll damage anything they can find, and they can leave a greasy residue on your walls.

Rat Control Methods

The best way to control a rat problem is to prevent one from occurring initially. Norway rat prevention is far easier than Norway rat removal. There are a few things you can do. Start outside of your home. Take a closer look at your siding and the foundation of your home. If you see any cracks or crevices a rat might be able to work through, stuff it with steel wool (so they can’t chew through it), then fill it with caulk. You’ll want to make your property less attractive to rats as well. Keep leaf litter and debris to a minimum, and keep your grass and shrubs trimmed and well away from the house. Inside, be sure all of your food is inside a sealed container, and clean up spills and messes promptly. Remove the clutter from your home, too, to help prevent rats from creating a nest in various spaces throughout your home.

If you need rat removal, give Ransford Pest Control a call. Rat extermination is never an issue for us, no matter how bad the problem may be!

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