Bed Bugs and Travel Don’t Have to Ruin Your Holiday Fun

It’s that time of year – pack the suitcase, head for the airport, stay at your relatives’ houses, stop by a hotel for the journey home, unpack the suitcase, do the laundry, and you’re done, right? What if along with the presents you brought home, though, you also brought bed bugs back with you? It’s a terrifying thought, but one that happens to many holiday travelers every single year. Bed bugs and travel can go hand in hand, and knowing how to prevent and spot a potential bed bug problem can go a long way in keeping bed bugs out of your house this winter

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

The first step in this process is to know your enemy. What do bed bugs actually look like? You may want to search for some bed bug photos online. Bed bugs are usually flat, brown creatures, about the size of an apple seed. They’re a reddish-brown color, and unless they’ve been fed, they’ll look like a flat, tiny coin. If they’ve fed recently, they’ll look like tiny brown balloons.

Bed Bugs and Hotels

Many people find they get a bed bug infestation thanks to the hotel they stayed in over the holiday season. It’s best to check your room before you ever bring your luggage inside. Grab a flashlight and a credit card, and pull the blankets off the bed. Look in the corners where bed bugs like to hide. Keep in mind that you’re looking for the bugs or at least some dark brown blood spots or feces to prove that you have a problem.

Make sure you look in the folds and seams of the mattress and check behind the headboard as well. You may also want to look on the upholstered furniture like the chair or the couch for any signs of bed bug infestation. If you notice any bed bugs, contact the management immediately to ask for a change in rooms.

How Will I Know if Bed Bugs Are In My Home?

For many people, bed bug bites are the first sign of a home infestation. If you do see bed bug bites, you may see small welts all in a row on your body. Often they’re painless at the beginning, but they can grow into a fairly large welt on the skin. They itch like any other insect bite might. Other signs of infestation include seeing the bugs themselves or finding blood spots on your sheets or mattress.

If you suspect bed bugs, it’s essential to get your home treated immediately. Contact us today if you suspect a problem.

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