Preventing Mice from Invading Your Home During the Winter

The seasonal change can only mean one thing – rodents will be looking for a warm place to stay for the winter, and for many people, that means dealing with mice trying to come inside once more. Mouse pest control is one of the top problems Ransford faces as fall changes to winter, and a little mouse prevention can go a long way toward preventing mice from making your house their home this year. These tips can help.

  • Start with Yard Work: Make sure you keep your outdoor trash cans well away from your house and use tightly sealed lids. If you have pet or bird food outside, keep it in a sealed container. Get rid of any clutter or debris around the outside of your home, and keep your grass and any vegetation you have around your home well-trimmed. Then, take a walk around your home. If you notice any gaps or holes, seal them immediately.
  • Move Inside: Sealing things up outside can help, but taking a few steps inside can help as well. If you have storage areas, be sure to clear out the boxes and other spaces that are cluttered. As much as possible, store stuff off of the floor to help prevent mice from finding the perfect home. Clean up any spills (either on the floor or in your cabinets) immediately, and keep your food prep areas completely clear of unsealed food at night. Make sure your kitchen trash can has a lid, and store all of your food in a sealed container.

Mice prevention techniques like these will help you face whatever might be headed your way this year. If you already have little visitors, though, you may need a bit of extra help, and Ransford Pest Control specializes in mice control as well as other rodent problems. Give us a call today to learn more.

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