Wasp Control and Prevention Methods Help Eliminate a Potential Problem

Wasps in your home or around it are a serious problem. It’s no wonder a top internet search term every summer is “how to get rid of wasps.” No one wants to get stung by these angry creatures, which makes wasp control this time of year absolutely essential.

Identifying Wasps

Good wasp and bee control begins with identifying exactly what you’re dealing with. Wasps have smooth, shiny skin. They have a narrow waist, four wings, and they usually have black and yellow patterns on their bodies. Bees, though, are usually a bit hairy, and sometimes they’re all black or have orange and yellow colorings around their bodies. The biggest difference between the two, though, is that bees build hives. Wasps build nests, and they’ll do it almost anywhere. It could be your attic, a tree branch, the ceiling of your porch, or even the corners of your windows.

Eliminating Wasps

Once you’re sure you have a wasp problem, the next step is to get them off your property. There are a few different things you can do to ensure that happens. First, keep in mind that wasps are looking for two main things: a source of food and a place to live. You can keep the population in check by doing a few things to prevent them from accessing either.

Wasps are looking for sugars to feed on, and often that takes the form of ripe fruit or what’s in your outdoor garbage cans. If you have fruit trees, be sure you pick the fruit up off the ground as it ripens. You should also keep your outdoor garbage cans covered as much as possible.  To avoid having wasps build a home in your yard, you should also make sure you’ve filled any voids in or around your home. Ensure your screens on both your windows and doors are secure, and seal any potential entry points, like attic vent screens or holes in the siding or soffit to avoid having wasps in the house.

How to Get Rid of Wasp Nests

If it’s too late and you already have a wasp problem in or around your home, the best way to handle wasp nest removal is to call in the professionals. At Ransford Pest Control, we’ll remove wasp nests on your property and help you identify problem areas that may be attracting them initially. To learn more about how to safely get rid of wasps, give us a call today.

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