Keep Mice and Rats Out with These Rodent Control Suggestions

According to a survey by the National Pest Management Association, more than 37% of homeowners have seen a rodent in their homes in the past year. If you’re having trouble with mouse or rat control, you’re not alone. Whether you’ve noticed a rat or a mouse in the house, rodent pest control is important. Rodents can spread disease and create all sorts of problems. Keep mice out with these tips.

Keep Available Food to a Minimum

Rodents will find food you leave out for them; whether it’s available inside or outside, they’ll come for it. You can keep it to a minimum outside of your home by keeping your garbage can covered as much as possible. Be sure you pick any fruit from fruit trees or vegetables from the garden when they are ripe. Keeping extra pet food to a minimum outdoors is important, as well. Inside, you can do things like ensure there aren’t crumbs on the floor or on the furniture. Doing your dishes regularly and keeping food out of the sink is important, too.

Yard Work Matters

If you’re concerned about the potential of having rodents in your home, keeping your yard clean and well-trimmed actually matters. Debris like limbs and heavy vegetation are a good way to attract rats and mice. Having bushes close to your home may also attract them inside. In fact, your trees, shrubs, and limbs should all be at least four (4) feet from your house. If you have a firewood pile, you’ll want to elevate it at least 18 inches above the ground and several feet from the house to keep the rodent population to a minimum.

Just Seal It!

Rats need a hole the size of a quarter to slip into your home. Mice only need one the size of a pencil. Any opening that size outside of your home is a good way in, so take a close look at your house. Seal it as well as possible with the right materials. To keep mice out, steel wool and caulk will typically work, but so will cement (but these won’t work for rats – they will chew right through them!). Don’t forget to check your doors and windows, too, to make sure you don’t have any large gaps that might allow these creatures in. If you do, add some weather-stripping to create a good seal.

How Do I Know If There’s a Rat or Mouse in the House?

Obviously, taking the right precautions is important, but how do you really know if you have one of these problem creatures in the house? Take a closer look around your home. Rat droppings look like grains of rice, but they’re usually brown or black in color. Mouse droppings are the same shape, but a bit smaller.

Rats also leave rub marks on various surfaces in your home. The grease and dirt from their bodies smudge surfaces noticeably. You may also notice scratching noises in the night coming from your ceiling or behind your walls. If you see footprints or tail marks in dusty areas, that, too, can be a sign of rats or mice. If you have pets in the home, you may also notice unusual behavior like continual barking or pawing at odd spaces in your house.

What to Do

Mouse and rat pest control should always begin with a call to the professionals. Sure, there is no shortage of products on the market today: traps, poisons, and more. The problem, though, is that they don’t always take care of the issue. For every rat you catch in a trap, there could be many more that don’t hit the trap, and the last thing you want is to deal with the health issues and property damage mice and rats can cause.

The professionals at Ransford Pest Control will do a thorough search of your property to ensure you get the right remedy for the problem. What’s more, is that we’ll not only eliminate the rats or mice already living in your home, but we’ll also show you how to keep them out in the future. One call to Ransford Pest Control is all you’ll need to solve your rodent control problems right now and in the coming months and years! Learn more when you call us today.

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