Wasp Nest Removal Without Damaging Your Home or the Ecosystem

Wasps are easily one of the most misunderstood creatures on the planet. They’re often seen as a bothersome, pointless pest. They’re actually incredibly important, though. Not only are they good pollinators, but they also help manage insect populations around the world, helping people use fewer pesticides. Despite that essential role they play in the ecosystem, though, they’re feared for a good reason. Accidentally disturb a nest, and you’ll experience a painful sting, unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. That fact alone can make wasp nest removal absolutely essential around your home.

Where to Look for Nests

Getting rid of wasps around your home begins with a quick survey to make certain you don’t currently have any nests. There are many places wasps are willing to nest. Check your eaves, soffits, and gutters, as these creatures tend to frequent those kinds of areas. You may also find them beneath your deck or behind your shutters. You’ll also want to check more natural places like trees. Some varieties of wasps build nests in the dirt and below fallen branches, as well, so do a thorough search of your property if you have any concerns.

Stop Attracting Wasps

Wasps want to live near good food sources, and lots of different things you do on a regular basis may be attracting wasps to your yard. If you have an outdoor eating area that stays sticky with soda or is rife with crumbs and bits of food, wasps are likely to appear there. If you aren’t properly covering your garbage cans or regularly emptying them, you may experience some problems. Bird and hummingbird feeders may also attract wasps to your property. Likewise, having other pest infestations tends to attract wasps to a given area, so do what you can to reduce pest problems as a whole.

Wasp Control

If you’re having wasp issues around your home, it’s best to call in the professionals. As helpful as these creatures can be, they can still present a danger to your family. For the best wasp and bee control team, call Ransford Pest Control today.

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