Seasonal Mosquito Reduction Tips You Should Know Now

The sounds of summer – lawn mowers, splashes in the pool, and that familiar buzz of those annoying mosquitoes in your ear. Hoping for a summer that doesn’t involve that last problem? These mosquito reduction tips can help.

No More Water, Please

Standing water is a literal breeding ground for mosquitoes. They can breed in as little as a few centimeters of water. It just has to be a still place, and breeding can happen. Therefore, one method of natural mosquito control is to empty things out after a good rain. Make sure you dump out any flowerpots, kids’ toys, or anything that holds water that is easily accessible to mosquitoes. Remember, this also includes often overlooked spots like gutters.  The first step is to eliminate any standing water you see on your property.

Stop with the Debris

Leaves, damp soil, wood, piles of trash – all of these are safe haven mosquito breeding sites. If you’ve noticed this on your property, it’s a good idea to clean things up if you want to eliminate these creatures from your yard. Regularly remove leaves from the gutter, too. And trimming your trees to let more light into a darker area may help, as well.

Use Mosquito Repellant

In addition to keeping your yard clean and water free, you may also want to treat your own body, and that of your child, with a good mosquito repellant. Any EPA approved choice is a good bet for keeping the mosquitoes away from you this summer.

Ready to relieve the buzzing problem for the year? These simple mosquito tips can help you enjoy summer with fewer bites. To learn more about how we can help, contact us today to hear about our mosquito prevention program.

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