Preventing Ticks for a Healthy and Happy Summer Season

Love spending time outside in the summer? You’re not alone. Gardening, hiking, biking – they’re all great summer activities, but they come at a potentially serious cost – a tick bite. While not all tick bites are dangerous, some kinds of ticks can transmit dangerous diseases. For example, the black-legged tick, which is incredibly common in this area, has the ability to transmit Lyme disease with a single bite. If a tick is attached to your skin for 36 hours, it could pass on this condition, which may create real complications if it’s not treated early. Given that those symptoms are incredibly similar to the flu, you may not even notice them, and that makes preventing ticks that much more important.

A Few Easy Steps

Tick prevention can come in a few easy steps. Start by treating your body and your clothes with an insecticide like permethrin. DEET is another good choice to prevent ticks. Tucking your pant legs into your socks and ensuring you wear a long-sleeved shirt when you’re outside can also help.

Tick checks may also prove helpful. If you can remove a tick before it actually has a chance to transmit any disease, you’re in good shape. Any time you’re in a spot that might be a good habitat for ticks, you should check your entire body and remove any ticks you find immediately.

Better Tick Control

Preventing ticks isn’t just about the right treatment on your body, a different way to wear your clothes, or even body checks. You can also control ticks on your property in a few different ways. Simple choices like mowing your lawn regularly, eliminating brush piles where your children and pets play, and placing a wide barrier of wood chips or gravel between your lawn and any wooded areas can also help.

If you’re worried about ticks on your property this summer, we can help. To learn more about how to keep this a tick-bite free year, contact us now.

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