Ant Pest Control Methods Help You Enjoy Your Spring & Summer Season

If you’re like most people, enjoy the warmer weather of spring. What you may not enjoy, though, is that spring is when the ants emerge. And, once they do, they’re going to start looking for food. Guess where they’re going to look? Your house. Wondering how to keep ants out? You’re not alone. They can be a serious nuisance, but these ant pest control methods can help you prevent an ant issue this year.

  • Keep it Clean: One of the best ways to prevent ants is to keep your house cleaner than you ever thought possible. Make sure you wash the dishes or put them in the dishwasher they moment you’re done eating. Leftover food, of any kind, is a huge attraction for ants. In addition to the dishes, you’ll also want to make sure your floors and furniture remain clean. Consider restricting your little ones to only snacking at the table or in the kitchen. It will give you one less floor to clean.
  • Keep it Sealed: You’ll also want to keep the food on your countertops and in your cabinets tightly sealed if you’re working to learn how to prevent ants. Don’t forget that ants won’t just look for your food, though. If you have pets or you regularly feed outdoor creatures like birds or other wildlife, ants will be happy to invade that food supply, as well; so, keep it under tight control, too.
  • Seal Everything: If you have cracks or crevices in the siding, near the doors, or close to the windows of your home, seal them up. Use caulk to completely eliminate these obvious entrance points to your home, and that may keep some of the ants from finding their way in. Remember that caulk can degrade over time, so make sure you reapply it on an as-needed basis.

These ant pest control tips are a step in the right direction. But, if you need a bit of added advice, or you’re already overrun with these problem pests, we can help. Contact us today to learn more.

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