Mosquito Prevention Tips Keeps Mosquito Problem to a Minimum

Mosquito season last year was atrocious. While the colder temperatures probably don’t have you thinking about these biting nuisances right now, the simple truth is that no matter how cold it’s been, spring is here. In fact, the more snow and wet weather we have, the more likely it is that we’ll have a worse than usual mosquito season. What can you do to keep problems around your home to a minimum? You can actually start now with these mosquito prevention tips.

Eliminate Standing Water Spots

Mosquitoes breed within fourteen days in the tiniest amount of water. Even during the cold of winter, you can spot those places on your property that make it easy for mosquitoes to breed. Maybe it’s a dent in your child’s sandbox cover.  Maybe it’s a rain gutter issue. Whatever it is, correcting it now could mean ensuring mosquito problems don’t happen near your home.

Repair Your Screens

Mosquitoes would love to breed inside your house just as much as they would outside, but you can prevent that problem by keeping them outside. Use screens on your windows and air conditioners to keep mosquitoes from slipping inside your house. Ensure you don’t have any gaps in windows or doors that allow them to come in.

When the Season Does Arrive

Once it does get warm outside, and you’re ready to be outside with the sunshine, there are a few steps you can take. Consider lighter colors and thicker fabrics. Mosquitoes can bite at any point in the day, but they tend to want to do so at dusk and dawn, so try to avoid those two times of the day. Mosquito repellents, particularly those containing DEET may help you eliminate problems as well. There are natural mosquito control products, too, which may help to prevent some bites.

Not sure you’re ready for mosquito season? Contact us at Ransford today to learn how we can help you prevent mosquitoes before they even become a problem in your yard.

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