Health Officials Warn Tick Season is Here!

While the weather may not be as wonderful as we would hope at this point in the year, Spring has sprung across the country and you know what that means…TICKS! Almost as soon as the snow and freezing temperatures are gone, ticks come out in full force.

Boston 25 recently aired a segment on the arrival of tick season. There are two main tick seasons in the Massachusetts – now through August and again in the fall.

There are ways to help prevent ticks and tick bites – use tick repellent, perform daily tick checks on yourself, your children and the family pet. Remove any ticks immediately. Currently, deer ticks are the most common ticks that are out.

State health officials are trying to get the word out now that tick season is underway already with numerous cases of people diagnosed with tick-borne disease.

Watch the clip and read a portion of the article from the Boston 25 news segment:

Tick Season Has Arrived

We’re hitting the peak of tick season and state health officials want people to be aware of it before it’s too late. 

It’s a concern largely dependent on the weather, but as we enter the warmer months, the tick season is well underway. That has state health officials like Dr. Catherine Brown on guard.

“We’re at a point in Massachusetts, every tick season is a bad tick season. There just aren’t enough tick predators,” she said.

In New England, there are two peaks for tick season. The first begins now and lasts through August. The other peak is in the fall.

According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Norfolk County leads the state this year with the most patients already diagnosed with the tick-borne disease at 19, followed by Worcester at 14 and Middlesex County at 12. 

“We can actually track that now so we’re able to pinpoint with a great deal of precision when tick season actually starts in Mass.,” said Brown. 

Right now, deer ticks are the most common and symptoms can include fever, headache, fatigue, or aching muscles, especially after a tick bite. 

The state’s health department is trying to get the word out now so people know what to do if bitten by a tick. They plan to run tick bite prevention messages on billboards across the Commonwealth throughout May. 

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

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