Cold Temperatures Drive Mice In

The temperatures have been particularly vicious this winter. For many homeowners, that means one big problem – mice. Wondering why? Just as humans need a nice warm place to stay in the winter, mice do too.

What Mice Do When It’s Cold

When it’s warm outside, most mice will find an outdoor habitat. They’ll live at near the roots of a tree, in a bush, or even inside a hollow log. Outside, nuts, berries, and seeds are easy to come by, and there’s lots of spaces to exist. When it’s cold, though, they have to have a space they can survive in until spring. They need a safe, warm den where they can live until the weather warms up. Houses like yours offer that safe, warm den. There’s easy access to food and water, and there are virtually no natural predators.

What’s the Best Way to Keep Mice Out?

The best way to keep mice out is to ensure they can’t get in initially. You can do that by properly sealing your home from the outside. If you have vinyl siding, for instance, filling the J-channels and corner posts with steel mesh and silicone caulk will typically keep them out. Finding and sealing gaps between the bricks with proper mortar can help as well. Eliminating cracks in the foundation is also a useful step.

Mouse Control

These steps are only useful if they mice haven’t invaded yet. If they’ve already entered your home, you have an entirely different problem on your hands -a control problem. Your best bet if you already have mice in the home is to contact a mouse control specialist. The reality is that traps and baits don’t always get the job done, and sometimes they can create more problems than they’re worth.

Instead, you can find a permanent solution by calling the rodent pest control experts at Ransford Pest. Cold temperatures may drive mice in, but we’re here to help drive them right back out again.

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