Ant Prevention Before They Make Their Way into YOUR Home!

Once they crawl in, it seems like they’re absolutely everywhere. They’re on the floor, on the counter, even in your stored food. They’re ants, and they can be a pretty big problem after they get in. So, how do you make certain they don’t even make it into your home this year? Taking these four steps can help you create an ant prevention program.

    1. Seal Your Home: Even the smallest crack or crevice is like an engraved invitation to ants to come into your home. Whether that space is in the wall, in the foundation, or in the window, ants will find it, and they’ll begin foraging in your home. Seal every potential point of entry you can find using calk or another material that’s appropriate for your space. If you’re looking for the single most important way how to keep ants out, this is it.
    2. Start Cleaning: Once you’ve sealed every potential opening, clean it as well as you can to prevent ants. Ants can leave a trail of pheromones for other ants to find, so if an ant has ever come into your home from that space, it’s a good bet the other ants have a map to find that spot. Use soap and water to wash those spaces and erase the trail the previous ants left behind.
    3. Eliminate the Attraction: Ants want sugar and grease. It’s what brings them into a space initially and, while eliminating that from your home may prove difficult, it won’t be impossible. Keep your food in sealed containers, including your pet food. Once Fido is done with his bowl, wash it each day. Take out the trash on a regular basis and sweep and mop your floors routinely.
    4. Keep It Dry: Ants are just like every other creature on the planet. They need moisture to survive. Make sure they can’t get it, and you’ll help to ensure you don’t have an ant problem. You can do that by repairing any leaks inside your home immediately and directing gutter and downspout drainage away from your home. A dehumidifier might help, too, if you have excessive moisture inside your house.

The first step in ant control is always prevention, and we can help both before you have an ant problem and when you need an ant removal service.  Call us today to find out how we can help.

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