What Are Pantry Pests and How Can You Avoid Them?

Your cereal is at risk. Your pasta is at risk. Even your pet food might be at risk. What’s the danger? Pantry pests, and even if you have the cleanest kitchen in the world, you may still be at risk from these problem creatures.  You may be asking yourself, what are pantry pests?

Types of Pantry Pests

Moths and beetles comprise the group of pests known as “pantry pests.” Within those two categories, though, are a number of different types of pantry pests. Weevils are one, but so are Indian Meal Moths, Saw-Tooth Grained Beetles, Flour Beetles, and Grain Weevils.

Why Are They in My House?

Pantry pests typically infest your home from the outside in. The outside, in this case, doesn’t mean your backyard. Instead, it refers to the food products you bring in from your local grocery store. These pests are a huge problem for food producers, and infestations typically begin at their locations. They can start in the initial processing location, the delivery truck, or even at your grocery store. The longer the food sits in one spot, the larger the chance an infestation might occur.

What You Can Do

Pantry pest control is essential once you begin to notice a problem. Not even sure you’re infested? Watch for beetles and moths in places where you store food. If you see them on a regular basis, you likely have a problem. Take a closer look at all your food. Figure out what’s infested, then throw it out. Cereal, grains, crackers, spices, dried pastas, nuts, legumes, and even animal food (like that for pets and birds) can all be infested.

When you’ve completed that step, ensure all your other food is stored in airtight containers. It will ensure re-infestation doesn’t occur.  Vacuum and wash your pantry area and sweep your entire kitchen. You may also want to put in a call to a pest control professional to ensure your pantry pest removal was thorough and that you’ve completely eliminated the problem in your kitchen.

If you have a problem with pests in your food or your home, contact Ransford today at 508-756-5197.

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