Which Option is the Right Bed Bug Extermination Method?

It seems nearly everyone has had a run-in with bed bugs over the course of the last decade. If you haven’t, you likely know someone who has. From hotel rooms to offices to dorms to our homes, bed bugs have been the comeback kids of the last ten years and keeping them out has become a priority for many. Bed bugs pest control is growing fast but figuring out the best way to get rid of bed bugs isn’t always easy. Most pest control companies focus on a few bed bug extermination methods.

  • Insecticides: There are a number of different kinds of insecticides that can be used to treat bed bugs. Contact insecticides can be used on the surfaces like sofas where you’re most likely to get those bites. It must be combined with a residual insecticide so that it can penetrate the furniture, though. Often one additional insecticide must be used – a dust insecticide – for the cracks and voids that almost nothing can reach. Typically, this will take two visits. Ransford uses a different class of product for each visit, to guard against bed bugs building up resistance to a particular treatment.
  • Freezing: Some companies use rapid freeze technology to help end an infestation. They use an application device to apply frozen particles to the areas where bed bugs like to hide. That freezes the insects and their eggs. By the time thawing occurs, the insects and their eggs are dead. It can, however, be tough to apply this technology to a larger infestation.
  • Heat: Bed bug heat treatments are one of the best options available. Using a larger heater, the exterminator heats a room to approximately 135 degrees. Bed bugs and their eggs die within 90 minutes if it’s hot enough in a room, so typically your pest management professional will ensure that it stays warm enough in the area for long enough to kill the bed bugs. Usually, that takes between six and eight hours. For this to work, though, heat sensitive items like electronics must be removed.

The right method for a bed bug extermination isn’t always clear. A good pest management company like Ransford can help you select the best method to make and keep your home bed bug free.

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