IPM – Understanding Integrated Pest Management

No matter what the topic at hand, there’s a big picture and a smaller one. This is as true with pest control as it is anywhere else. The small picture may be a roach infestation in your kitchen. The bigger picture, though, is much bigger. It extends not only to the overall pest management issues on your property, but also to those of your neighbors, as well. It even reaches as far as the unintended consequences that pest management chemicals sometimes have on the environment where you live. It’s in the spirit of this much bigger picture that Integrated Pest Management was initially introduced. Also called IPM, the idea behind this practice is that it helps individuals and businesses deal directly with the small problems (like that roach infestation) with an eye toward the bigger ones.

What is Integrated Pest Management?

IPM is an entire program of pest management designed specifically to meet your needs. While it may start with that small roach problem in the example above, it also involves monitoring your home or business for pest problems, setting action levels that meet your needs, building a network of prevention measures, and continual program evaluation. If a pest problem reaches an action level that is high enough for concern, it is then dealt with in an appropriate manner, using the most effective, least risky pest control method possible.

Is It Really Better Pest Control?

IPM means better pest control. Wondering why? We design a program that’s tailored to your specific needs. We look carefully at your situation, then come up with something right for you. A historic farmhouse next to a wooded area, for example, will have very different pest management needs than a newly built home in a neighborhood in the middle of a town. While you may read about IPM as a way to minimize the use of pesticides, it’s much more than that. Instead, it’s a chance to use several techniques that work best for your home or business. It’s certainly safer pest control, but it’s more effective in many cases too.

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