Mouse Control Keeps Mice from Looking for a Warm Home – Like Yours!

The temperature is dropping, and it likely will be cold until at least the end of March. For you and your family, that may just mean adding an extra layer when you head outside. For rodents like mice, though, it means a desperate search for a warm winter home where they can survive. Unfortunately, that may mean they move into yours, and that could mean you host an expanding colony of mice before the weather turns warm again. In fact, they may not even be ready to leave when the warm weather moves in. Is there anything you can do to prevent or at least minimize this winter infestation? Absolutely. Knowing mouse control prevention steps will lessen your worry now and the days ahead.

Know What They Want

If you’re hoping for a bit of mouse prevention, the best thing to do first is to understand exactly what mice want. Their needs are pretty simple. They need access to food, water and a warm space. They can find almost all of that in your home, if they can get in. Even if you’re a fairly tidy person, a mouse can likely find enough crumbs on the floor, in your trash can, or even on your countertop to survive.

Water can often be obtained from leaky pipes, a steady bathtub drip, or other sources. However, mice don’t really need a water source; they can obtain the water they need from the food they eat. The warmth is right there in your walls. Now that you know what they want, what can you do to keep them from coming in and taking advantage of what your house has to offer?

The Best Way to Keep Mice Out

Good mouse control means making a choice to try to keep them out. There are a few ways to do just that. You can start by inspecting your home for common entry points. Mice are most likely to get in through tiny spots. Think about a gap between the bricks and the soffit, for instance. Gaps between building materials are also fair game, as are any spaces in window or door frames.

Keeping a clean home may also help. While it won’t get rid of existing mice, it certainly won’t attract more. Keep a lid on your trash can and take it out routinely. Don’t leave uncovered pet food out. Vacuum your home regularly and sweep harder floor coverings like tile or wood.

You may also want to consult with us to help guard against mice moving into your home this winter or to set up a plan to deal with the mice that are already in your home. We handle mouse removal and mouse prevention. Give Ransford a call today to learn more.

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