Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs Gets Rid of These Pests Quickly

How does heat treatment for bed bugs work? It’s the best pest control for bed bugs because it can penetrate into areas that other treatment approaches can’t reach. Understanding a bit about the creatures can help you understand why heat treatment for bed bugs is so effective.

Why Bed Bugs Resist Removal So Well

It’s not easy to get rid of bed bugs. These tiny parasitic bugs feed on the blood of a host and reproduce out of the way – in small crevices, under mattresses or under baseboards. A crevice in the molding or the indent left by a nail are easily roomy enough for bed bugs to hide in. They’ll only come out to feed, and they do this at night. This is why they’re so hard for most people to detect, let alone remove.

Bed Bug Powder Treatments

There are treatments that involve powders, but these aren’t as useful for very hard to reach locations. They’re also limited in how you can apply them to clothes and other ordinary objects located in the room that bed bugs might use to hide. Chemicals can be effective but are most effective when used in conjunction with heat treatment for bed bugs.

How Heat Treatment is More Effective

Heat treatment for bed bugs is the best bed bug removal strategy because it changes an entire environment. It doesn’t just rely on spot treatments. The idea is to raise the temperature in the environment to at least 117 degrees. Some bed bugs can tolerate temperatures up to 122 degrees, so that may be the target temperature in some situations.

Two Approaches to Bed Bugs Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is easier to do in a “hot box” situation, where the heat is used to kill bed bugs that may be hidden in objects like blankets and clothes. These objects can be placed in the hot box to get rid of bed bugs.

Heat can also be applied to an entire room, or even the whole home. This obviously takes some work, and no one can remain there while it’s being heated this intensely. Keep in mind just how much work it takes to keep a home at 68 degrees through the winter. These high temperatures can only be achieved with specialized equipment, monitored by skilled professionals, according to a range of safety protocols and mechanisms.

This Must Be Done by Professionals

Do not try to use heat for bed bug removal yourself. This is an easy way to burn down your home. The best bed bugs removal approach is heat combined with chemicals, because the heat itself will burrow into every nook and cranny bed bugs can inhabit. For the best pest control for bed bugs, contact a pest control specialist with experience in all methods of bed bug treatment.

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