Formulating an Effective Norway Rat Prevention Plan

Norway rats go by a few different names. They’re also known as brown rats and sewer rats. Obviously, you don’t want them in your home. Rat removal is hard to pull off on your own, so it’s best to practice Norway rat prevention. To do this, you must first understand, what are Norway rats? What do Norway rats look like? What are good rat control methods? These questions and more can all be answered quickly.

What are Norway rats?

Norway rats earned their name by entering continental Europe aboard Norwegian ships. From there, they spread across the world, including catching a ride aboard ships bound for the United States.

These rats will cause damage to property and get into any unsecured food, including human and pet food. They can transmit a number of diseases that are dangerous to humans and pets.

What do Norway rats look like?

These are some of the largest rats in New England. They can grow up to 16 inches in length, including the tail. Their fur is dark and coarse, or rough-looking. Their bellies will be lighter in color, usually gray or an off-white.

They don’t grow fur on their ears and tails. The ears themselves are small, as are the eyes.

What are good rat control methods?

Norway rats can deliver litters between 8 to 12 in number, up to seven times a year. That means a breeding pair can produce up to 84 new rats a year. Each Norway rat will be able to breed and sire their own litters at 3-4 months old. That really adds up, which is why rat infestations need to be nipped in the bud quickly.

Rat removal is of the utmost importance. Rats will cause damage inside walls, to the insulation, and to the wiring of a house. This can be expensive to repair and can even put the home at risk of house fires. In addition Norway rats can transmit diseases that can be dangerous or chronic in nature.

Rat extermination is needed in these cases. Remember that rat extermination is only effective if you prevent the problem from repeating. As such, any rat removal process must also implement Norway rat prevention steps that help you to deter any future problems as well as the current one.  Contact a rat pest control professional at Ransford Pest Control today to help you deal with your rat problem.

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