Learning Important and Successful Winter Roach Control Tips

Many people think of roaches as a summer problem only. Think about it, though. If roaches make it into your home, they won’t just politely leave once winter rolls around. If anything, they’ll hunker down more since they can no longer live comfortably outside. Winter roach control is crucial┬ábecause the winter season doesn’t slow down their reproductive cycle. How can you get rid of roaches if you get them?

Winter Roach Control Tips

Store all foods in sealed containers. Roaches can slip between the lids of cardboard, so this means using sealed containers such as glass or plastic.

Clean all food preparation areas regularly. This doesn’t just mean the counter. It means cleaning the microwave, toaster, even the oven. Roaches can track down the scent of crumbs with surprising speed.

Don’t let food waste or dirty dishes or pots sit overnight. If you do, then leave them soaking in soapy water that the roaches can’t enter.

Store all dishes and pans upside down. This prevents roaches from depositing eggs in them. You don’t want to accidentally make roach egg soup.

Use lidded trash cans and remove trash regularly. If trash has food waste in it, try to remove it daily.

Sweep and vacuum with regularity. Clean up clutter as well. One roach pest control element that’s often overlooked is picking up the clutter that allows them to hide and move around.

Put bath plugs in the showers and tubs. These prevent the roaches from crawling up the drains, denying them access both to water and to scaring you mid-shower.

Winter Roach Removal

Winter roach control tips will help prevent new roaches from moving in, but if you already have them, these tips won’t chase a current infestation away. You’ll need a roach exterminator to get rid of roaches.

You cannot delay in getting roach pest control help, as roaches reproduce exceptionally quickly. The situation will not get better without treatment. A roach exterminator has the tools and knowledge of roach behavior to be able to effectively eradicate the problem.

Best of all, they’ll help you seal up entry points to prevent future infestations and can help you form a better prevention plan that fits your lifestyle.

If you need winter roach control, call the experts at Ranford today!

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