When the Weather Gets Colder, Watch Out For Rats!

It can be shocking to see a rat inside your home. These filthy creatures led to historic disease outbreaks like the plague, so the last thing you want is to see one in your home. They can destroy your home. They can poison your food. They can even bite. Luckily, there are several rat control methods you can use to deal with the problem now.

First, Decide If They’re in Your Home

Before you decide how to get rid of rats, it’s important to figure out if there are actually rats in your home. Even if you haven’t seen one, you may have seen some of the unique signs they leave behind. If your dog seems a bit upset, they might have infested your home. You may also notice rodent droppings. Rats tend to leave multiple piles a few feet apart, of what looks like tiny pieces of dirt. Small tracks may appear in dusty areas, and you might see spots where wood has been gnawed. You may also want to look for smears along baseboards and other areas. A heavy, musky odor may also indicate the presence of rats.

The Next Steps

If you think you have a rat infestation, the next step is to use rat pest control measures. Plug up any openings you can find. If the hole you find is the size of a quarter, it’s big enough for a rat to get through. Be sure you clean your home effectively, too. Rats love places to hide, so make sure to eliminate any clutter in your home. Seal all of your food in plastic containers and cover your pet food dishes when they’re not in use. You’ll also want to sweep and mop regularly. Try to confine food to one area of the home, too, so you’re not chasing crumbs absolutely everywhere.

Rat prevention is best. Let us help you deal with your home before rats become a problem. Give us a call today to learn how we can help.

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