Be Aware of Bed Bugs When Traveling This Holiday Season

Bed bugs are a nightmare wherever you encounter them, but finding them when you travel, especially during the holidays, can be a terrifying experience. Once you see bed bugs, the chances are incredibly high that you’ll bring them back home, and then you’ll have to learn how to get rid of them. Is there anything you can do the moment you see them to end your fears? Start with a good bed bugs removal plan plan by learning more about how to prevent them from traveling along with you.

Learn Where They Hide

The first step is to learn a bit more about where you might encounter bed bugs. It was once thought that you might only find bed bugs in cheap, dirty hotels. That’s just no longer true. Bed bugs are absolutely everywhere these days. You might find them in a really nice hotel. You might even find them at a relative’s home. The truth is that that bed bugs can be almost anywhere and knowing how to spot them is important. They’re usually about the size and shape of an apple seed.

Often, you’ll find tiny brown or black stains on the bed if there are bugs. You will usually find these in the crevices of the mattress. Keep in mind that the evidence of a bed bug is typically very small, so you’ll have to look closely at the sheets and the mattress.

What You Can Do

If you suspect bed bugs, or even if you don’t, you may want to keep your baggage off the floor or even in the bathroom. You can also consider changing suitcase types. Hard-sided suitcases are well suited to travel these days, as there’s no place for a bed bug to hide. Make sure any clothing you pack can be washed at a high temperature and put through the dryer, too. Leave your luggage in the garage when you return home. Take all articles of clothing directly to the washer and be sure to vacuum out the empty suitcase to make certain no little critters made it home with you.

Bed bug pest control is far worse than prevention. This holiday season, avoid the bed bug removal process. Take a few precautionary measures so your holiday gift to yourself isn’t to have to get rid of bed bugs.


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