Three Types of Roaches in Worcester and How to Get Rid of Them

There are three different types of roaches in Worcester. Some are more likely to signify an infestation of roaches in your home than others. This makes identification crucial so that you can use the right kind of roach pest control. Most solutions to get rid of roaches mean securing the help of a roach extermination company, but let’s talk about identification and roach control first.

Oriental Cockroach

These are very large cockroaches that can grow up to an inch long. They’re shiny, dark brown, and are drawn to wet and humid places. These are the cockroaches that you’ll find most often in humid basements, near leaks, and in bathrooms and drain traps.

German Cockroach

German cockroaches are often brought into an area in packing or furniture. They’re the smallest of the three, at only about 0.6 inches long. These come in a few different colors ranging from tan to black. Unlike the other types of roaches in Worcester, these can fly. These cockroaches can infest but seeing one of these roaches in the home doesn’t necessarily mean an infestation. Nonetheless, you can’t be sure; this means an infestation could happen down the road, which means hiring a roach extermination company as soon as possible makes a lot of sense.

American Cockroaches

These are large and reddish-brown. At two inches long, they’re monstrous. They’re typically what you think of when you think about roach control. Despite their size, they can fit into very small gaps and cracks. They love trash and leftover food, as well as humid spaces.

Get Rid of Roaches

Roach control starts with keeping a clean, dry area. All types of roaches need access to water and do well in humid spaces. Dehumidifiers can help, as well as tightening and sealing pipes. Close off gaps and cracks that give roaches access, put lids on your trash, and move the garbage bins away from the side of the house.

Roach removal usually requires professional help. Avoid spot treatments of roaches. The roaches you actually find represent only the tip of the iceberg, so when you spot-treat these, you’ll only drive the other roaches farther throughout the home. Expert roach pest control is worth the investment because it eliminates the roaches throughout the home and also addresses elements that need to be changed to prevent any future infestation.

If you need roach control, contact Ransford Pest Control today.

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