Mouse Prevention Begins with Learning How They’re Getting In

Working to keep mice out? You’re not alone. Mouse control is a serious concern for homeowners as the weather gets cooler, but the reality is that mouse prevention really begins when you take a closer look¬†at how these rodents might try to gain access to your home.

What Does a Mouse Hole Really Look Like?

Remember those old cartoons? The mouse hole looked like a perfect doorway shape for mice to enter and leave once more. The reality, though, is quite different. Most mice prevention methods have you begin with exclusion, and that means recognizing how they might get in. Mice can enter through a crack in your wall, floor or foundation. It could be a hole, but it’s more likely to be a small space you didn’t even know a mouse could fit through. A mouse hole, or entry point, only has to be the width of a pencil for a mouse to come into your home.

Other Spots Mice May Enter

A hole or gap isn’t the only place a mouse might come in. They can also find a gap in your window or ceiling. It’s even possible they can come in through a sewer line, drainage pipe, or even a sink drain if you don’t have those spaces properly sealed. They’ve even been known to use plumbing and gas line gaps as entry points. Chimneys may also prove to be entry points.

Symptoms You May Have a Problem

Wondering if maybe you have a spot you haven’t properly sealed? You’re going to notice if you have a problem if you see droppings or tiny hairs around your home. You might also notice gnawed holes in stored food or piles of papers. Scratching sounds in the ceiling or walls are also a pretty good indication you have a problem with mouse control.

What To Do Next

If you do have an infestation in your home, the best thing you can do is to contact a Ransford Pest Control professional for help. We will not only help you take care of the problem, but will also give you the advice you need to prevent it in the future too.


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