Roach Pest Control Starts with 10 Easy and Effective Steps

Cockroaches become more plentiful when it’s wetter, and the late summer rains have been intense. The heat and humidity make a perfect environment for cockroach breeding, which means a lot of them will be coming indoors soon. How can you prevent roaches in the home? Cleaning is one of theĀ most effective roach pest control steps. It’s not a big task when you can break it down in steps:

  1. Seal gaps in windows, walls, and places where pipes and cables enter the home. Cockroaches can squish through gaps that are tiny in appearance. Don’t ever assume anything’s too small for a cockroach to use as an entrance.
  2. Clean areas you use for food preparation. This doesn’t just include wiping crumbs off the counter. Wipe down the microwave, the oven and stove, and make sure you dump crumbs out of the toaster. There’s nothing more disgusting than finding roaches pigging out where you just made your morning toast.
  3. If a food isn’t refrigerated, store it in a sealed container. Roaches are clever and can get into many bags and boxes. This gives them readily accessible food. Sealable glass and plastic containers are much safer.
  4. Don’t forget about pet food. Don’t let it sit out overnight. Open bags of pet food should be dumped into sealable containers, such as a plastic bin or bucket.
  5. Wash dishes or put them in the dishwasher soon after they’re used. Don’t let them sit out. Make sure they don’t sit overnight, or roaches will be all over them.
  6. Vacuum (or sweep) areas where you eat regularly. Roaches in the home will find all the tiny crumbs you don’t notice, and these can keep them going (and breeding) for a long time.
  7. Either get garbage cans with tight lids or take your trash out every night. It’s also a good idea to move outdoor garbage bins away from the side of your home.
  8. Take your compost out daily, if not more. This won’t just prevent roaches, but also fruit flies and other pests.
  9. Use plugs or screens on your shower drains when not using them. To get rid of roaches, you need to deny them water, and they’ll often enter the drain or come up from it.
  10. Clean up piles of paper and clothing and any type of clutter is ideal for cockroaches to hide and nest inside. This particularly goes for out of the way places you use for storage, such as the basement or garage.

If you have a roach pest control problem, don’t wait to get rid of roaches. They’ll only breed and cause an increasing problem. Call a roach pest control specialists Ransford Pest Control in Worcester for immediate relief from an infestation.

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