Rat Pest Control Methods to Prevent Norway Rats

Once you have Norway rats in the house, it can be very difficult to remove them. Rat pest control is the best solution. Before that happens, however, the best approach is to rat-proof your home. Rat control methods start with rat prevention.

Keep Rats Out

Norway rats find their way into a home for a number of reasons. They may find food and water available. They can do this by raiding your pantry, cupboards, storage spaces, trash, and even pet food. They may also find sources of water from leaks and condensation.

Another factor is warmth and security. As it gets colder, Norway rats seek warmer shelter. Homes also offer a less exposed living environment free of their natural predators.

Rat Prevention

To keep Norway rats out, perform a thorough inspection of the gaps and cracks they can use to get in. Areas where pipes or wiring enter the home often leave open spaces that rats can use to move back and forth. People will often forget old chimneys, which oftentimes allow rats into the home unseen.

Use garbage cans with lids and make sure food is sealed. Plastic containers work well, since rats can make short work of cardboard containers and even heavy-duty bags. Norway rat prevention is about making the environment less inviting for them and reducing the number of entry points they have into your home.

Get Rid of Rats

Rat pest control is best performed with humane traps, but traps alone won’t solve the entire problem. To get rid of rats, you need a strategy. Traps often keep Norway rat numbers down, but as they continue breeding, you reach a standstill in controlling their numbers.

Norway rats in the house are best addressed with a thorough strategy. An expert rat pest control specialist familiar with Norway rat behavior can accurately identify where they’re living, how they’re moving through the home, and the best way to implement traps to efficiently eliminate the infestation. Norway rats can carry¬†disease and will contaminate food and living areas, so if you suspect a rat infestation, get an inspection quickly to reduce your risk.

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