Keeping Bed Bugs Away with Bed Bug Prevention Procedures

Bed bugs don’t roam around outside until they find their way into your home like roaches. So, bed bug prevention isn’t like preventing other kinds of bugs. Bed bugs are usually carried from place to place by people. Even as you work on how to keep bed bugs out, you may not realize you’re bringing them in with you.

How to Keep Bed Bugs Out

The main locations that spread bed bugs are places where many different people stay overnight. That means hotels and camps. One of the most important ways to prevent bed bugs is to inspect a room before you stay in it.

If you’ve just checked in at the hotel, lift the corners of the mattress and check the seams underneath. Look at the walls and, in particular, outlet covers. Also check the luggage rack. Are there any signs of small red bugs?

If you turn off the lights to watch a movie, when you turn them back on, the first thing you should do is inspect these areas again. Bed bugs come out when it’s dark and they won’t be noticed.

When you drop off or pick up your child from camp, you can perform these same inspections. It’s also useful to make sure on pick-up that the camp has had no bed bug infestations. Most camps are very responsible about reporting bed bug and lice outbreaks.

Luggage and Furniture

Inspect luggage if it’s been in the room. If you had clothes laid out, bed bugs are tiny enough to hide in between the threads. Dry them on as high a heat temperature as you can for two cycles.

If you’re picking up secondhand furniture, inspect it thoroughly for bed bugs.

Unlike fighting other bugs, bed bug prevention happens almost entirely outside the home. The best ways to prevent bed bugs rely on inspection and taking precautions if you’ve been in a room or location where there’s an infestation.

Removing Bed Bugs

If you do get a bed bug infestation, you need to contact a bed bug pest control company like Ransford Pest. You need one with experience and the specific tools to deal with bed bugs. Don’t delay – an infestation can easily be moved into multiple locations in the home, and the more bed bugs breed, the more bites and sleepless nights you’ll have.

You can spray rubbing alcohol and use bed bug interceptors. These may kill or deter a few bed bugs, but they don’t solve the greater, growing problem. They can even risk spreading the problem into additional locations. You need a bed bug pest control specialist to begin treatments immediately. Call Ransford Pest Control today.

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