Avoiding Wasp Stings with Professional Wasp Removal Experts

Why do you get wasps in the home? If you repeatedly see wasps in your house, they’re coming in through openings and gaps large enough for them to fit. They might be coming in because there’s food, it’s getting colder out at night, or because they’ve found a nesting site in your house. Wasp stings are painful, even more so because they will sting multiple times in succession. So how do you get rid of wasps?

Put Food Away

You need to address the things that are attracting the wasps into your home. You know how late summer barbecues always seem to attract wasps? This is because wasps will eat meat. They’re also attracted to sweet things, such as desserts or even the barbecue glaze on meat. If you leave food out, wasps may try to find a way in so that they can get to it.

How are They Entering Your Home?

Seal up any gaps in your home where wasps, or other pests can enter. These are usually around window frames, under door frames, or in screens with a hole. Fixing these problems may involve a bit of light construction, an effective door strip, or some screen patching (or a new screen). These simple solutions can do a lot to eliminate wasps in the home.

How to Find Nests

An expert should deal with nests. This includes indoor and outdoor nests. If you fear having an indoor nest, an expert pest control specialist can track it down and locate it with minimal risk to you and your family. An outdoor nest might be less dangerous to locate, but if it requires climbing a ladder to find it, leave it to the experts. Ladder safety gets more complex when wasps are involved.

How to Get Rid of Wasps

To get rid of wasps, you have to get rid of the wasp nest. This should be done by professionals with wasp nest removal experience. This means a pest control specialist. Wasps can swarm quickly, delivering dozens or even hundreds of stings at a time. If there are other people nearby, they may be harmed from wasp stings as well. To get rid of a wasp nest, it is safer and more effective to rely on expert wasp and bee removal experts than DIY.

Remember, wasp stings don’t just hurt. They can be dangerous to children, the elderly and to pets. If engaging a nest, the swarm reaction that results can land a healthy adult in the emergency room. Got wasps? Contact Ransford today.

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