Roach Removal Tactics to Keep Your Home Roach Free All Year

Roaches. Why is it that they always turn up in the last half of summer? It’s not just you with that thought. It’s a real phenomenon. Roaches breed primarily in the summer months, especially when it’s humid. You may have noticed that this summer has been exceptionally humid and rainy in Massachusetts. That means that you have to be on-point when it comes to roach control and roach removal. What you do in the summer and fall months can decide your infestation risk for the rest of the year.

Roach Control Steps

Cockroaches will seek shelter indoors as it gets colder, but whether they have established populations relies on the summer. Warm weather means breeding, and humidity means conditions are ideal for them to live healthily. With the amount of rain we’ve had, they may be driven indoors early.

One of the most essential tools in roach control is a dehumidifier for basement spaces. You need to ensure that damp spaces are made dry and that leaks and pooled water are cleaned up. Food preparation areas should be cleaned and garbage cans covered. You might even move your bins away from the side of the house.

Types of Roaches in Worcester

There are three types of roaches in Worcester:

  • American cockroaches are large. They can be as long as 2 inches in length. They’re red-brown with yellow markings. They’re incredibly fast and will surprise you with their speed. They create major infestations. Because of their mobility, they can infest a wide range of places in the home.
  • Oriental cockroaches are large, up to an inch long. They’re dark brown and will infest damp and even wet locations quite easily.
  • German cockroaches are smaller, closer to half-an-inch long. Their colors vary, and can be as light as tan or as dark as black. You’ll recognize them by dark streaks that run from their head to their wings. You’re less likely to encounter these, unless they’re moved in via boxes or furniture.

Preventing Roach Entry

As large as any of these roaches might be, expect them to be able to squeeze through cracks a fraction of their size. Roach control means sealing gaps and cracks that roaches can travel through. A roach extermination company will be able to take care of any of these types of roaches in Worcester.

Just as importantly, a roach extermination company can help you locateĀ and seal their movement points, as well as identify places where they may be getting their water and food. Roach removal means removing the roaches you already have, as well as taking roach control steps to prevent them returning in the future.

Ransford can help you with any roach removal and control problem you have. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and a treatment.

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