Best Rat Control Solutions During Any Season in Massachusetts

Most rats seen in the U.S. are Norway rats. These rats can become surprisingly big, up to one foot, four
inches in length. They can weigh more than a pound. They’re usually brown or gray, and look more
shaggy than greasy. They prefer living underground, although they’ll adapt to different circumstances.
Having the best rat control plan┬áin place is crucial since they can breed rapidly. What’s the best way to control rats? First, you have to recognize their signs.

Do You Have a Rat Infestation?

It’s not too difficult to recognize the symptoms of a rat infestation. They’ll often rub greasy marks on
walls and in narrow spaces they use to move around unseen. You may find bits of fur near these marks.
Droppings are blunt and capsule-shaped. They’ll eat just about any food available. If you notice outdoor
burrows, chances are good these support indoor infestations. Norway rats like to stay out of sight and
they’re very good at this. If you actually see one, then your infestation is already sizeable.

Rat Populations Grow Quickly

Understand that Norway rats can reproduce throughout the year. A female rat can have up to 12 litters a
year, with up to 22 rats per litter. An infestation with even a few female rats can mean you have hundreds of rats in the space of months. For this reason, rat control should not be delayed.

Best Rat Control 101

The best rat control begins with protecting food and water sources. Seal up food in containers that can’t
be chewed through. Make sure you clean up after food prep and don’t leave crumbs behind after eating.
Trash cans should have lids so rats can’t get into them. Take your trash out regularly and set your outdoor trash bins further away from the house. Make sure water leaks are repaired. Seal gaps in the home you suspect rats might be using. Rodent control begins with rat prevention.

Getting Rid of Rats

This can help prevent future problems, but if you already have one, you need active rat control. The
best way to control rats requires a Massachusetts pest control company implementing a whole-home or whole-office plan. Getting rid of rats isn’t easy, but it can be done with some discipline and some help.

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