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Would you know what to do if you saw a mouse in your house? We know you want that mouse, and any of its friends, out of your house as soon as possible. To do that you need a professional pest exterminator like the experts and Ransford. Our experts know how they got in, where they hide and how best to get rid of mice. They will also seal up your home so they cannot get back in.

If you have a mouse problem in your home, call in the experts at Ransford today!

Watch this video to learn about mice!

What would you do if you were lying in bed and you saw a mouse scurrying across your bedroom floor?

Would you scream? Or, would you know exactly what to do to get rid of every last mouse lurking around your house?

The truth is, you want a professional, expert exterminator who knows: how mice enter your house, where they hide, how quickly they reproduce, how they soil your house, and #1—how to get rid of them.

When you have a problem with mice, a Ransford Pest Control expert will show up fully equipped and ready to go.

Our expert will inspect all the hotspots around your house where mice sneak in and hang out. Mice can enter your home through a hole as small as a dime. That’s why you should only trust someone with an expert eye.

If you have already waited more than a few days, your mice could already be multiplying, amplifying your problem.

Your Ransford Pest Control technician will be able to shine a light on where mice are hanging out and seal holes where they enter and exit your house.

We’ll use as many tamper-resistant bait stations and T-Rex snap traps as needed, and your home will be free from mice in no time – without a mess.

If you see a mouse in your house, act fast. Visit ransfordpc.com, today!

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