Is There a Difference Between Yellow Jackets & Wasps?

While wasps and yellow jackets share many similarities, they have some distinct differences. For instance, yellow jackets are particularly aggressive. They look and act differently. These differences are important to know, especially when you’re looking at wasp nest removal. Wasp removal can be dangerous. Knowing that danger level begins with being able to identify the species you’re dealing with. What is the difference between a wasp and a yellow jacket?

What is a Yellow Jacket?

Chances are good you’ve seen them at barbecues in the summer and fall. They have a thin, bright yellow and black appearance. Yellow jackets are so common at picnics that they have a nickname: “meat bees.” Make no mistake, though. Yellow jackets are wasps. Where bees can only sting you once, wasps can latch on and sting you multiple times. That’s a bad combination, and yellow jackets are some of the most aggressive wasps.

Getting Rid of Wasps

The golden rule for yellow jackets is that if you leave them alone, they’ll leave you alone. If you see them outdoors at a picnic, don’t swat at them. This will aggravate them and they’ll become aggressive. Not only this, but if you crush a wasp, it releases a chemical that draws other wasps to its location. This is a survival mechanism that signals wasps to investigate a threat. There are circumstances where you can’t leave them alone, though. A yellow jacket trapped inside isn’t safe, especially if you’re caring for a baby, the elderly, or pets. You can’t leave a nest alone either.

What Makes the Yellow Jacket Unique

Aside from being an eye-catching yellow, particularly aggressive, and way too interested in your plate of food, one other thing makes yellow jackets unique. They live underground. Wasp nest removal is bad enough when the nest is in a tree or perched in an overhang. How do you get rid of yellow jackets nested in an underground burrow?

Getting rid of wasps isn’t easy or safe. To get rid of yellow jackets is even more difficult and dangerous. You’ll need professional assistance from a pest control company with extensive wasp removal experience. Do not try it on your own. You can severely risk your health and the safety of those around you. Get rid of yellow jackets by entrusting the job to an experienced company like Ransford that will reduce that risk and take it on for you.

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